Online Warranty Registration


Warranty Terms & Conditions:

  • Present cash sales receipt when sending your item(s) for servicing.
  • 12 months / 1-year warranty from date of purchased (Unless otherwise stated) against manufacturer defects only.
  • Valid in West Malaysia only.
  • Applicable to carry-in service only.


Warranty coverage/service does not cover the following:

  1. Accessories and products such as adaptor, cable, remote control, microphone, battery, lamp/bulb, speaker, liquid, solder tip, connectors, switches, grinding and drilling tip or bits and etc.
  2. Replacement of missing parts such as a knob, button, connector, aerial, terminal, cable and etc.
  3. Replacement of cover, cabinet or cosmetic due to broken, dented, crack, scratch and etc.
  4. Loss or damage of media data or memory devices.
  5. Install, modify and use in an environment not complying with the original product designed.


Warranty will be void and repair is chargeable if:

  1. Alteration on the model and serial number.
  2. The defect caused by the household pest, riot or natural disaster (I.e. lightning, flood, fire and etc)
  3. Improper usage (I.e. abuse, misuse, negligence, a defect caused by external devices (Overload), a connection that cause product operate beyond the limit of the specification.
  4. Caused by a power surge or abnormal power from the generator.
  5. Found tampered or modified by an unauthorized repairer.
  6. Broken or damages that affected internal components, mechanism or circuit board.


NOTE: For Dynamax products, please go here to do your warranty registration.  For all other brands, you can register below:  



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